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DHHS Student Volunteers Lending a Hand in Neighborhood Trash Clean-Up

School Principal Advises Residents What to Do if Students Cause Problems in the ‘Hood By Jessica Damen, FHNA School Liaison

A group of dedicated Digital Harbor High School students are working to help rid the neighborhood of the ubiquitous red pizza boxes and other fast food detritus that’s been tossed hither and yon along E. Cross and other Federal Hill streets.

To help mitigate the on-going eyesore and the environmental and health hazards of trash, DHHS’s Student Government Association, with the assistance of Federal Hill neighbor Rufus Lusk and Federal Hill South neighbor Krissy Comus, has initiated an incentive program to award students bracelets for pledging and participating in the ONE PIECE program. You may recall, ONE PIECE focuses on encouraging people to pick up one piece of trash a day that they did not drop themselves. In this manner, we all become stewards of our neighborhood. In addition, the students are taking this one step further: once a week a small group will pick up the trash along E. Cross and the school’s environs.

During the November FHNA meeting Dr. Andrea Bowden, Assistant Principal of DHHS and its Student Government Association administrator, spoke about the above initiatives. She noted that Digital Harbor now has 1,400 students from all over the city, most of whom are well behaved. However, she also shared valuable information about how citizens should respond to student misbehavior.

Dr. Bowden clarified that if anyone of us sees a student doing something illegal, e.g., smoking marijuana or breaking into a car, we should call 911. If we see something annoying, e.g., loitering or rowdiness, we can call the school at 443-984-1256 or 443-984-1377. During school hours students are not to be on the streets and city police will pick up students and escort them back to school. All students should be in school from 7:45 am to 2:45 pm. The school’s cafeteria is open at 6 am for early-arrival students. About 90 percent of students ride MTA buses that serve the school. Only students who stay late for clubs and sports need to use the purple circulator. Changes to the school’s calendar for teacher planning days, or other events, will soon be listed on the DHHS home webpage.

Remember, if you call the school or 911 about a problem, please note the student’s distinctive characteristics such as: height and weight and color of clothes, hats, or backpacks. These details are essential for police to be able to identify the individuals. Digital Harbor is committed to being a good neighbor in Federal Hill.


The FHNA Schools Liaison committee consists of select members of the Federal Hill Neighborhood Association who are interested in promoting and maintaining open communication between the residents of this community and the two schools within its boundaries,  Digital Harbor High School and Federal Hill Preparatory School.

To meet that goal this committee will meet with school representatives on a regular basis for the purpose of sharing concerns and mutual opportunities of support.

Some school volunteer opportunities that Federal Hill residents may find interesting are:

Federal Hill Preparatory School:

  • Assisting students with the School’s composting
  • Reading with students

Digital Harbor High School:

  • Computer technical support
  • Driving students to and from a horse stable