South Harbor Renaissance

Liaison: Claire Johnson,

With the assistance of South Harbor Renaissance and State Program Open Space grants, Federal Hill park is being updated! Baltimore City Recreation and Parks (BCRP) is recreating the FHP Playground with “historic icons” from Baltimore’s and Maryland’s past, including the Signal Tower which marked Federal Hill from the early 19th century and throughout the War of 1812. Additional funds have been allocated by Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation (CHAP) to restore the Smith and Armistead Monuments in recognition of the central role those figures played in Baltimore. Furthermore, money from private sources and foundation funds have been committed to Federal Hill Park projects including the Flag Staff Plaza to supplement the Program Open Space grants

The monuments have been restored and will be rededicated on September 14, Defenders’ Day.

The Playground Project incorporates miniature historic icons in the play equipment, representing:

· “The Federalist” ship, which was built for the 1788 Celebration when Maryland ratified the US Constitution and for which Federal Hill is named;

The Federalist

· “Signal Hill Tower,” which stood watch for merchant ships in the 1800s in Federal Hill Park, is as important to Baltimore’s mercantile and military heritage as ships are to its maritime past.

Signal Hill Tower

· “Baltimore and Ohio Railroad,” which established Baltimore’s preeminence as a commercial and transportation thoroughfare, as it continues to be.

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad

· “Fort Federal Hill,” which was the extensive military installation that dominated this Hill during the Civil War.