June 18th Community Meeting with BPD’s Southern District

Notes provided by Lynn Halperin, FHNA’s Public Safety Chair

*Police Commissioner Batts attended the first part of the meeting to recognize the outstanding work of retiring Kevin Vaught (Butterbean). Butterbean’s wife, two sons and in- laws attended as well as representatives of the Explorers. Butterbeans’ father was a Baltimore policeman, he joined the force in 1947. Butterbean came to Baltimore in 1999.

*Discussion of current crime concerns led by Major Dombroski:

1.During the riots The Southern district was understaffed but the police worked hard and effectively.

Residents of Cherry Hill came out in full force and were greatly responsible for preventing

looting at the Cherry Hill Shopping Center.

2. A family, mother, father and two young sons, expressed great concern about how the father was attacked outside their home in Cherry Hill and nothing has been done. A police officer met with them and took information.

3.Two gentlemen brought up the concern that there are prostitutes hanging around many of the corners in Brooklyn: residential and commercial neighborhoods. There was a discussion about how hard a problem this is for police because when they are arrested they are released within 10 hours and “back to work”.


Robberies                 up 3%

Aggravated assaults   up 5%

Burglaries                 up 12%

Larceny                     down 21%

Auto theft                 down 9%

Arson                     down 55%

Total crime               down 10%

Homicides and robberies continue to be the prime concern in the Southern District.

There were some very successful drug arrests (dealers) in Brooklyn.

There were 26 arrests for auto theft.

The police force has increased the foot patrol by 200%.