June 2022 FHNA General Meeting

Date: Tuesday, June 21

Time: 6:30 pm

Location: Virtual


A final agenda and May meeting minutes will be sent out with the meeting reminder in the next couple days. Although we also have committee updates and volunteer information to share, the primary focus of this meeting will be the BG&E infrastructure project which is likely to move to the home connection stage soon.

If you have questions that you would like BG&E to address at this meeting, please forward them to ehillsider@gmail.com and we will compile them and send them on to BG&E.

We have several questions already in the queue:

  • Technical reasons for inside vs outside placement of the regulator
  • Possibility of having the regulator placed inside if the homeowner is willing to pay the incremental cost
  • Are the contractors willing to come to the houses that are problematic with any kind of outdoor placement to figure out the best options before they just show up and go the quickest/easiest route for them?
  • Summer vacations. What happens if the homeowner is not going to be home for several weeks?

Please don’t hesitate to ask YOUR questions!! Or if you prefer, ask them during the Q&A session.