Area 9 Parking

Click here for Area 9 2013 parking renewal information (pdf)

Meeting Minutes: Feb. 6, 2013 | Committee Priorities Jan. 8, 2013 (pdf)

How To Obtain Permit

In order to obtain an Area 9 Permit, the applicant(s) must reside within the boundaries of Area 9 (Hughes Street / Key Highway to the north; S. Hanover Street to the west; Cross Street to the south; and Key Highway to the east). A resident must provide required proof of residency to the satisfaction of the RPP office. More information on obtaining a permit is available HERE.

Have Questions / Issues?

If you have questions or issues, you can email the Parking Authority at or call (443) 573-2800, ext. 819 or 863. The Parking Authority is located at 200 W. Lombard Street. There is a parking garage on 99 S. Howard Street, directly north of the intersection of S. Howard Street and Lombard Street.

Eric Costello is the Parking Liaison to the city for Area 9. If you have issues that cannot be resolved by the RPP Office, you can contact him at 0r (607) 743-8926.

About Area 9 RPP

The Baltimore City Residential Parking Permit (RPP) program is intended to address the specific needs of residents where the demand for on-street parking is considered to be greatest, as is the case in Federal Hill. Parking in Area 9 is restricted to some degree to provide preferential parking privileges only to those residents and their guests who display valid Residential Parking Permits or Visitor’s Passes on their automobiles. These permits and passes are issued and valid for a one-year period from the designated annual renewal date of March 1. Residents must re-apply every year.

In addition, each household in Area 9 is granted one Visitor’s Permit, which has its own set of restrictions, available HERE. Area 9 Visitor’s Permits may not be used by residents in lieu of a decal and abuse of a Visitor’s Pass is defined as any vehicle displaying the permit 3 or more time a week for 3 or more consecutive weeks.

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