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Please help us raise $4000 to do our part to sponsor a Peace Ambassador for the Federal Hill neighborhood. The Peace Ambassador Program is one of the Inner Harbor Project’s five programs to create safe public spaces. Youth leaders prevent crime by spreading positivity among their peers and decreasing tension between teens and authority figures. Last summer, the Peace Ambassador Program reduced juvenile arrests in the Inner Harbor and downtown by 86%. Help bring the Peace Ambassador Program to our neighborhood! Funds raised go directly towards paying the youth leaders for their significant contribution towards improving our neighborhood. Please donate on their webpage: and select “Give to Federal Hill’s Neighborhood Association Fund to Sponsor a Peace Ambassador!” [Read more...]

Agenda for the February 17, 2015 General Membership Meeting

Below is the link to the Agenda.

Agenda GM Feb 17, 2015

General Membership Meeting Tuesday February 17th

Dear Friends and Neighbors-

Please join us on February 17th at 7PM  for our monthly meeting. The final agenda will be posted online prior to the meeting. Look for updates from South Harbor Renaissance and Digital Tech as well as discussions on many other relevant issues.

It is also important to note, that the general membership will hold a vote on FHNA’s position (approve, oppose or remain neutral ) on the transfer of Joey B license to Crossbar at this meeting.

Please join us, we need your help in making Federal Hill the best it can be.
No matter what your view on any issue, we are looking for diversity in every area!  Believe me, there is something you can do to get involved!


The February Hillsider is available on line.

February 2015 Hillsider


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